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   My name is Abby English. I have been raising, breeding and training Great Danes since 2009. I am passionate about my animals and my program. I have strict health requirements that my dogs must meet in order to continue in my breeding program. This discipline increases my confidence in the health and temperament of the puppies I produce. Because of that confidence, I am able to offer a LIFETIME genetic health guarantee! There is a very small number of breeders out there who back their puppies on this level. 

     Health is a very important piece of the breeding puzzle, but in order to see the whole picture we must pay special attention to things like conformation, temperament, lineage, workability etc. Pertaining to puppies, socialization is a huge deal here at Maradanes. Our puppies are raised in our house (No, its not easy!) They are handled all throughout the day, every single day. They are potty trained on Pine pellets in a "litter box". They play with various toys, step on lots of textures, hear tons of different sounds at all volumes, meet the cat, meet the other dogs, see the chickens, learn boundaries from the geese! All of this and more is what we do to ensure your puppy will be confident, well socialized and openminded when joining your family. 

     Ear cropping is available for pups. They do need to stay a little longer if they get cropped, typically until 9-10 weeks. During that time they will begin crate training and learning to potty outside on a schedule. I also offer training services on a case by case basis. This can include housebreaking, basic obedience, crate training, leash manners and more. Please contact me if you are interested in any of these services. 







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