My name is Abby English. I have been raising, breeding and training Great Danes since 2009. I am passionate about my animals and my program. I have strict requirements that my dogs must meet in order to continue in my breeding program. This discipline increases my confidence in the health and temperament of the puppies I produce. Because of that confidence, I am able to offer a LIFETIME genetic health guarantee! There is a very small number of breeders out there who back their puppies on this level. 

     When you buy a puppy from Maradanes it will be healthy but it will also come pre-loved. Our babies are raised in our home (no, its not easy!) and handled/engaged throughout the day. For the duration of their stay here I expose them to ordinary household experiences that will help them be more confident when they go to their new homes. For instance, I vacuum, carpet clean, use the garbage disposal. These are just three of the noises that can create stress in puppies/dogs who are not exposed to them early and in a positive way. 

     I do "in home" dog training for a variety of behaviors that my clients may need ingrained in their puppies (example crate training) before (or even after) they go to their new homes. While I encourage every client to take an obedience class with their dog, not every schedule allows for that. I am happy to offer these services at a reduced rate for my puppy buyers. Slots are limited. If you are interested in learning more please reach out. My contact information can be found at the top of this page. 




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